Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What makes you weird?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes you unique? Those same things are what cause select others to view you as "weird."

I thought it would be fun to make a list of my weirdnesses (even a word?). I'll have to go back later and post on each one separately (they're just too entertaining!). What I love about this list is that, to various people, different things on here will seem quite normal. To others, it makes me a freak. I love being different ... gloriously unique:

      • I don't yell at my husband
      • I buy most of my clothes at G.W.'s (Goodwill)
      • I homeschool my kids, AND support the need for quality public schools
      • I've only thrown up four times in my entire life
      • I provided breastmilk to all three of my kids - even the adopted one
      • I talk way too much, and I know it
      • If given a choice, I eat vegetarian
      • I embrace getting older
      • I have a fear of going to the dentist as well as emetophobia
      • I'm a foster parent
      • I don't vote a straight ticket
      • I can make my lips disappear
      • I know where every single penny goes every month
      • I have some secret TV addictions (American Idol, The Apprentice, Boston Legal, Survivor, and last - but CERTAINLY not least - The Amazing Race)
      • I go to the library almost weekly
      • I once weighed 200 lbs, and every single day I battle to keep that weight off
So, what is your "stuff"? What makes you unique ... weird ... a complete freak-a-zoid?

Come on ... you know you want to tell me!


Chewy Mom said...

Ok, I have to ask....

How do you make your lips disappear?

How do you know where every penny goes (what kind of tracking system do you use)?

How did you lose the weight?

And if two's a crowd, on many of these points you are not so weird, cause I'm right there with you!!

Unknown said...

Alrighty. My secret is out. Recipe for making your lips disappear:

Pull your lips back, making a HUGE smile, as if the dentist said, "I want to see ALL of your gums!" Then do some lamaze breathing, to dry off your gums. Finally, use your fingers to "tuck" your lips up into the spot inside where your gums end and your lips begin (if they're good and dry, they'll stick!). TA-DAH!

I track every penny with a good, old fashioned budget. We actually have one, on paper, and we plug in our numbers every single month. Scoot on over to www.crown.org

Somewhere on here I have a post entitled something like, "How my Hubby stopped being tubby." It explains our weight loss strategy.

Hope that helps!

Hannah said...

I don't vote straight ticket either. Awesome!

I HOPE to one day be able to breastfeed my adopted kids. I love that you were able to.

I found your blog on the circle of moms tops 25 voting... thingy. ha ha

I love that you have dreads and tats and are still a (gasp) christian. I am considering dreads... I can't seem to decide. Some days I want them, other days... not so much. I also want to dye my hair pink... but I'm pretty sure the upkeep will be WAY expensive. My hubby has tattoos. And we are Christians too. In fact, my hubby is the Missions pastor, and youth leader at our church. ha ha Anyways, I've started reading this from the beginning. It will probably take me forever to catch up to modern day. You'll probably be getting comments from me randomly throughout your entire blog. I love getting comments on my blog, so I always try to leave lots on other people's.

Check out mine one day if you ever have nothing to do (I don't really for see that happening...) :)