Friday, March 25, 2005

Would you hang up my chickens?

It's no big surprise that when you have children in the house, you are going to lose some sleep. Everyone knows it. Everyone jokes about it. However, no one really talks about what that might do to a person. For me ... it makes me talk like an idiot (more than normal!).

I have this strange twilight zone that I enter into, somewhere between "awake" and "asleep." Around here, we also like to call it the "idiot zone." If my husband tries to converse with me when I'm in the zone, I never remember it and yet have to watch him laugh over breakfast the next morning, till he pulls a muscle. It is always entertaining (for everyone, but me). The very first time, he was waking me up to feed our first child - she was about two weeks old. I looked him straight in the eye and stated, "Eh ... I don't think I'm going to feed her anymore."

Last week, he swears, was the cream of the crop ... the mountain top high of the "idiot zone."

He rolled over in bed. It is his turn to get up with our foster baby. I sat straight up, looked at him and urgently asked, " Would you hang up my chickens?" (and pause, as if I'm actually thinking in the zone...) "So no one will mess with them!" I laid back down. Then Michael has to exercise his magical powers of self-control, so as not to laugh out loud and wake me up fully.

He's a kind soul.

And I .... well, I'm a babbling idiot.

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Hannah said...

ha ha.

I woke my hubby up in the middle of the night one time to ask him where the remote was.

He responded, "chicken."