Thursday, April 28, 2005

Calling all green Sharpies

I have a two year old.

If you've ever had a two year old in your home, I really don't have to say much else. You know, just by me starting my post this way, that it has been "one of those days." Funny - my husband's job has him surrounded with teenagers, and the problems their parents deal with are amazingly similar to what we face (whining, disobedience, more whining, not picking up after themselves, whining ... and did I mention whining?).

Today is Michael's day off. The kids are usually great about getting up, handing Presh her sippy cup of milk, and watching some tv while we laze around in bed. They all enjoy playing together, and when it's a slow day, we can enjoy the downtime.

This morning I was dozing off and on. In a haze, I woke up to the sound of coins falling. The kids and I all have our own "school boxes" for pens, pencils, etc. Mine is the "teacher box," so it's also full of loose change, Sharpies, scissors, and the like. The fog turned to clarity and I bolted out of bed.

Twenty minutes later I finally had everything picked up (I've got to give my daughter credit, she had it strewn in a good 10 foot radius). That's when the horror hit. Everything went right in, matching up perfectly, until I was left with a green Sharpie cap and a black Sharpie marker (missing the cap).

We are still yet to find the green Sharpie. It's out there somewhere. I'd bet my mad money that she has it stashed somewhere ... waiting for the perfect opportunity to add a faux finish to the living room walls.

It's official: we're on Green Sharpie Watch. I'll keep you updated.


sweet man said...

Oh the joys of parenthood. :) Good luck with that sharpie watch.

Sherry said...

Oh, I do hope you find the sharpie before it finds your furniture. We have a beautiful picture on the the back of our leather couch. I guess it looked like a perfect canvas.