Sunday, April 24, 2005

I always feel like somebody's watching me

Every once in awhile I love to read horoscopes. It cracks me up how vague and general they are. They can strike a chord with any one, in any way, on any given day.

For instance, tonight I go in to read mine. It talks about how someone in your house is probably grumpy tonight. Maybe go do something fun, and you'll come back in a better mood!?! Okay, even if you're single, you probably have a cranky cat! Please ... it's so insulting.

So, I keep reading. Another talks about how someone will get cross with you at work tomorrow. Hmmmm ... tomorrow is a Monday. No one is really happy to be back at work. Not to mention, it's a full moon. Ok, so the whole WORLD is going to have someone get a little upset at some point during the day tomorrow. Strike two.

This one takes the cake, though:

More than once in the course of the day, dear Aquarius, you might get the uncomfortable feeling that someone is staring at you. Yet a quick look around shows people who are only concerned with their own affairs. Are you going crazy? No. But you are probably picking up on the paranoia of someone close by. Your intuition is operating at a very high level - though exactly what you're sensing won't always be clear.

I'm thinking how sad it's going to be tomorrow. All of these poor little horoscope-believing Aquarius' would have never even considered the fact that someone might be staring at them in their cubicle, but now they'll be paranoid out of their gord!

Sadly, they'll all be thinking, "My horoscope was RIGHT!"

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