Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just when I thought I was a hottie...

Today I drug my tree-huggin', flip-flop wearin' butt to one of my favorite places on the planet: Central Market.

Just walking through the doors of Central Market or Whole Foods, I can imagine the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus, as I pour through the chemical free produce and poultry. It is a glorious experience (not to mention you can buy some of my favorite things, like fresh hummus - much to the disgust of most people I know). I love food, and the more unique and - dare I say - odd, the better!

Well, as I'm working my way through the dry goods section, I notice a kind young gentleman who occasionally smiles at me and my two oldest children (who are along for the organic experience). I didn't think much of it, until two aisles in a row he seems to always be looking at the same things we are.

Sure enough, as I'm speed reading the directions on the back of a box of rice, I notice he has moved up right beside me. I look down at my hand. No wedding ring - in fact, I didn't put on any jewelry. Oh my cow! I'm about to be hit on! That's when he says something about all of the choices of rice, and asks, "Have you ever had cous cous?" I can feel him looking at me ... waiting for eye contact. Here we go ...

"Sure! We love it!" and I glance back over my shoulder at my two kids. I then decide to do what I always do when this happens (all TWO OTHER times in ten whole years). On behalf of all thirty-something, mommies to many children, I do what we all should do. I allow myself to be flattered (Hot diggety-dog! I'm still remotely attractive!!).

I explain the many varieties of cous cous, and make some suggestions on meals. That's when he pipes in with, "Well, I need to cook more ... being single and all." I finish my expose on the in's and out's of side dishes and end with, "Come on, kids, we need to find some pretzels for Daddy ...." and he's OUT OF THERE!!!

We had to drop by the church to pick up my youngest child. I couldn't wait to tell my husband that someone was flirting with me over wild rice (my little story-o-the-day)! Of course, I pointed out the obvious. I did have two children with me, which means this poor guy (as normal as he appeared) must be more open (desperate?) than the average single guy out there.

Michael is a great husband. He laughs with me as I comment on the fact that this guy didn't have a third eye, wasn't shopping with his mother, nor did he appear to be on parole. His wonderfull response? "Yeah, and you didn't even have on your padded bra!!" We laugh some more, the kids and I hop in the car and take off.

That's when it hits me.

I DID have on my padded bra.

Okay, now I'm depressed.

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amie said...

i am reading some of your old posts...as i am a new reader...you so crack me up in this one! i love it!