Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Yesterday was my son's birthday. He's a whopping six years old. That means tomorrow we will turn our home into a haven for a Spiderman birthday party. We already have the cake dilemma looming, as Wal Mart may not be able to make the EXACT cake in the "the picture." I have a plan B ... but I'm no Wilton cake expert, so it never turns out quite like the original! (it's so sad when there's a room full of kids making faces and asking, "What is THAT?")

My husband and I were talking about the highlight of the party for any boy - the Spiderman pinata. My oldest two kids still call them pee-ah-nuh's, which makes us giggle EVERY time it comes out of their mouths. So, of course, we talk about it constantly.

Being the hippie that I am ... I don't want it full of candy. I don't mind my kids eating candy. A piece or two now and then is a fun treat. Yet, 12 lbs coming home in a tiny bag from a birthday party is excessive. I'm trying to come up with something fun, but not packed with sugar. That's when my husband pipes in ...

"Hmmm ... you're thinking something like books ... tofu .... breastmilk?"

Butt head.

Then again ... allow yourself to picture it for a moment. One of those boys finally whacks that mass of paper hard enough, only to be pelted with little 4 oz bags of frozen breastmilk, board books and some water-packed tofu!

And we're back to the previous scenario.

"What is THAT?"

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