Monday, July 11, 2005

I love you ... and where is the will?

My sweetheart left today for his last big trip of the summer. Blecgh!

This time he is flying. Oh, and he forgot his glasses! So, the kids and I pile into the van, and rush to the airport for the hand-off before his plane leaves. We made it (thanks to the HOV lane).

On the way home, he sent me a text message:

"You're AWESOME!"

To which I replied:

"i know :)"

Not that I'm a pessimist, but I do like to plan ahead. So, I started my ritual of thinking about the possible death scenarios. The plane could crash. He and the students could end up in a car accident. I'm not fool enough to think it's not possible that he could die. It happens.

So, I'm reading the screen on my phone, and thinking, "If the plane bites the dust, these would be our final words to each other." How sweet would that be, in this "info age"? Final words via text message. Oh, how I would treasure him leaving me with "You're AWESOME!"

Beep. Beep.

Another message from him. Maybe this one will be even better.

"The will is in the closet ... just in case."

OH, how romantic! You can die now! We'll quote you at the funeral.

Let's all pray for a safe landing.


Debbie said...

Hey Christine, VG hooked me onto your blog. I've enjoyed reading it so much. We think a lot alike. We love your family (I think June has a crush on Presh!)

Christine said...

And I think Presh has a crush on June!

Girl in Progress said...

Ugh, husbands. R just said something like this the other day when we were watching a movie where a spouse dies.

He says I want you to know you can remarry.. and the life insurance form is...

Uh, HUSh. Movie ruined. Wife is teary eyed. And no amount of money is going to matter silly..besides, it's not near enough when you have 4 kids to take care of til college.

(he just feels guilty for not going to the dr his high blood pressure..that's a blog entry in the making)

Prayers for a SAFE return.