Monday, August 01, 2005

Just sop it up with a diaper

Last night we had a bunch of students over to the house. That doesn't happen nearly as often as we'd like. Sometimes because we're not home. Sometimes because we're only cool until something better comes along! But mostly because it's not polite to invite people in when your husband is sitting around in his skivies, watching ESPN. :)

One of the girls spilled her drink (which you couldn't even notice, because it just blended in with all of the other stains). My husband did what he always does - he ran and grabbed a diaper - the original quilted quicker picker upper!

The most entertaining part was watching the faces of a bunch of teenagers. At first they weren't sure if they should be disgusted. Diapers aren't something they're around a lot. So, is it okay to just be holding a diaper like that? Is that the equivalent to a maxi-pad in the living room? Then, their eyes grew bigger and they watched my husband magically suck that Dr. Pepper stain straight out of the carpet.

By evening's end, they were all running home to tell their moms to keep some diapers handy around the house. We had a detailed conversation as to which size diapers would work better for different sizes of spills. It was educational. It was enlightening.

And - yup - a little weird.

We'll see if they come back.

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Stacey said...

Heh - I wonder how their moms felt at first when they ran home asking for diapers :)