Friday, August 12, 2005


I am a huge fan of The Tick. This all came back to light this past week when we were having our own homemade "Family Camp" at my in-laws.

You see, these little suckers (pardon the pun) came out in droves.

2005 - The Year of The Ticks!

We found them on the floor, climbing the walls. I make it sound like Arachnophobia. It wasn't quite that bad, but we were finding several a day! When the kids went out to play, apparently they were actually falling from the trees (you who have tick knowledge are not surprised - I, on the other hand, was REALLY FREAKED OUT! I mean, geez - they were dive bombing!). Oh, and the dog was serving as a nice little mode of transportation for them. She would run out to take a leak ... they'd all skydive onto her back and ride the wave back into the house.

So, now we're trying to decide what to put on our "Family Camp" t-shirts:

"I went to Camp Moers in Rockport, and all I got was 14 ticks and this stupid t-shirt"

"We came ... we got ticked off ... we left"

"Camp Moers - Not just for the mammals anymore"

Any suggestions?


Ellen said...

I LOOOOOOOVE The Tick! Although, I was very disappointed in the live action version.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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sster said...

I have no opinions on the tick. I am, however, extremely happy that you commented on my blog, because now I know where you are again! I had misplaced your URL. Hurray for crunchy Christian mamas!

Blog writer said...

u had an adventure at least :) i hope the kids enjoyed it

Mama P said...

Family Camp Tee Shirt Suggestion: Ticks Suck. Hope Family Camp Doesn't.

Girl in Progress said...

ewwwwwww, i hate ticks. Jake got bit once and the dr said LYME disease..i was freaked too..

I have no idea on the slogans..yours sounds good lol about.. a tick for everyone in the family!