Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amish Country

The other day the unthinkable happened in the life of a child. The TV in the playroom broke (gasp!). Seeing how my kids rarely get to watch, this was a BIG DEAL! It's like gold to them.

My daughter came running in to ask me to fix it. I've fished out my share of pretzels and hair clips in the past, so I was feeling pretty confident that I could figure out the glitch. That was, until I went to turn on the power button and it wasn't even there! It had disappeared inside somewhere.

So, I looked at the kids and said, "Sorry guys. Until we decide to pay to have it fixed, looks like no TV at all."

My seven-year-old daughter rolled her eyes and said, "UGH! We're AMISH!"


Running2Ks said...

LOL, that is too funny!

Radmila said...


TulipGirl said...

Our TV broke when I was in Kindergarten. I swear, I thought my parents were playing an April Fool's joke on me. I didn't believe them for DAYS that it was really broken.

We didn't have TV, much, for the rest of my growing up years. For awhile, we had a B&W that got about 10 hours a day of one station (military station, remote location.) Later, we had a big color TV, again, with one TV station because we were on a remote base. Then VCRs came out, and we watched musicals from the library a lot. *GriN*

I like that I grew up with mostly no TV. Then again, I've been known to employ the electronic one-eyed babysitter with my kids from time to time. . .