Saturday, October 22, 2005

Do you like it on top ... or bottom?

We're foster parents. To keep doing that, you have to take a predetermined number of training hours each year. One of those classes is a containment course (I know ... makes a lot of sense when you foster NEWBORNS .. oh well ... state requirements!).

So, the other night we're in our SAMA class, learning the appropriate way to contain a child if they are causing harm to themselves or others. My husband and I were both selected as the guinea pigs for the class - meaning everyone demonstrated on us, before it was then our turn to demonstrate.

All of the women take turns approaching from behind, and restrain me. When this happens, you're actually leaning backward onto the person and you cannot move your hands. However, just as the program is supposed to work, there is really no discomfort to me (the person being contained). You can't move, but it's not painful or hurtful at all. Then, when it's my turn to contain someone, it takes much more effort (particularly when you're leaning back a full grown woman onto your body!).

So, I'm REALLY fascinated with the fact that the system truly does work. I got to see it from the eyes of a child. When my turn is over, I pop up, and in front of the whole class (and with GREAT enthusiasm), and obviously without thinking, I say,

"WOW! It really is more comfortable on the top, than it is on the bottom."


Sharon said...

Lol!!! Too funny!!
Sounds like something I would've done.
I'm sure the class had a good laugh. :)

Running2Ks said...

LOL, I'd have done the same too :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny! :-)

TulipGirl said...


Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha! What a hoot!

halloweenlover said...

Ha ha ha! I once said, at a church meeting, when asked what household item I was most like, that I was like a lamp because I was turned on all the time.

This was when I was 15!!! I meant energy wise, CLEARLY not the way it came out!