Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where have I been???

Sometimes I wonder myself.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! Here's just a quick update and I'll get back to my blogging self eventually:

My husband and I spent a posh week in St. Augustine, Florida (no kids - yipidy-yea!). This was our belated ten-year anniversary trip. I'll have to post a whole boring thing on that at a later date (force you all to look at my pictures, etc.).

We came home last Saturday. On Sunday, we received a new foster placement. Instead of a newborn, this time it is a preschooler. Lots of adjustment issues, several sick kids and one trip to the ER later ... here I am.

Wish I had more time to yack. However, the house is quiet and I'm going to enjoy it by doing absolutely nothing!

Hugs and smooches to all (on the cheek, of course - it is cold & flu season!)


Jenn said...

A trip with just you and hubby? Wow, what's that like? :)

Looking forward to those pictures.

Christine said...

One word:


Leann said...

Welcome back the REAL world! LOL So glad you had such a lovely anniversary. Cannot wait for you to get back to chatting here. Congrats on the new placement, too! Blessings my dearie and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Becky said...

You got a TRIP for your 10th?? LOL Lucky you! And looking at photos of sunny warm Florida will NOT be a chore when I am staring at a foot of snow outside my window. :-/