Monday, March 13, 2006

Tell me again why I homeschool?

I was surprised to find out last week that a good friend just assumed that we homeschool for "religious" reasons. Actually her words were, "Doesn't EVERYONE homeschool for religious reasons? To keep their kids out of all the bad stuff?"

So, I thought I'd take a moment and introduce myself. I'm the gal that homeschool's for educational reasons.

I think you've got to be very careful in your decision making. If it's based on fear, then you can know that it's self-motivated (like avoiding "the bad stuff!"). Many people start their thought process of homeschooling out of a sense of fear (generated by too many Dateline's and the evening news). I always encourage them to work past the fear, and then figure out what they are capable of doing.

We homeschool because we have a student teacher ratio of 1:2. We don't have to teach-to-the-test. We can use visual, hands-on activities every single day to help the kids retain what they've learned. We know what they learned at 8:00 am, and can constantly reinforce that a week later at the grocery store ... a month later at the zoo ... next year at Mamaw's house. We have amazing flexibility in our schedule. My kids are with their peers a lot during the week, but get to spend much more time with other ages. For instance, next week we'll be helping with a daytime party for nursing home residents. They love to hang out with the ladies at the library. We can pop into the church's senior adult luncheon. They can stop and ask the mailman questions when he comes by the house. The list goes on.

Flexibility. Creative and education through life.


Anonymous said...

"I'm making my own cookie cutter ... bet it will end up being in the shape of someone playing air guitar while dancing on the sofa."

This is THE best sentence I've read in a blog so far this year. I have spent so much of my married life trying to be the perfect Provers 31 wife and mother. And in the end God nor my husband has ever asked me to be more than MY best. Whatever shape that is.

Thanks for reminding me.


Jen said...

Hi there...just saw your post on MY blog (thanks for dropping by) and wanted to say I loved your post about homeschooling. You'll have to forgive my friend Laura's post about all homeschoolers being "socially awkward" or whatever she said. It's true, until recently, the majority of my experience with homeschooled kids were the ones that you wondered what cult they were a part of, and so that unfortunately shaped my outlook on the topic as a whole. But I'm glad that I was wrong, and even before I read your post, I was already coming to many of the conclusions you drew. Oh, and I love your blog. I keep meaning to make mine more personal and chatty, but it always ends up being about something I watch on TV. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Love your approach to homeschooling and that you actually have intelligent reasons for doing it. I am a doubter about homeschooling for the most part...

Perplexio said...

Not that you need mine or anyone else's approval but I do applaud your decision to teach your kids about Jesus through your actions rather than through the Bible-- actions in practice speak volumes louder than words in a Bible. And the lessons taught in the Bible are far more likely to stick if they're learned through action.

Anonymous said...

Good post! I'm happy to see this in-the-middle kind of approach! I love homeschooling and look forward to homeschooling my kids, but I'm totally not interested in doing the whole bubble thing. Just not our style.