Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Cleaning 2

Third grade again. For clarification, it was pretty soon after my uncle had taken his own life:

All About Me

My name is Christy Janay Deadman
My school is Epperly Heights Elamentry
My best friends are Sarah Ginger Jenny and Scott
I love My MOM and My DaD and Scott R.
I hate My Big ugly unwanted Brother
I want to Marry Scott root the Boy Beside me
I need chothse food and most of all a man.
I like My puppy
I feel sleepy
I smell fresh air
My family and I go to church every sunday
I am mad at my brother when he tears apart My Bedroom
I am glad that I have a dog
I am proud When I asked Jesus to come into My Heart
I am happy that Mrs. Crall is My teacher
I don't want to get sick this year
I don't like frogs at all
I don't love turtles
It is fun when I play
This summer I went to lake Ufalla
My mother cleans our church
My father reads the news papper all day
My sister I don't have a sister
My brother is mean
My flag is pretty
My country is very fair
I am sad becase uncle shot himself
This school year will be fun fun fun
Third Grade will be fun with Mrs. Crall around

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Becky said...

Well that's enlightening! Lest anyone think the thoughts and emotions of a third grader are not just as deep and intensely felt... I want to hug third grade you!