Friday, June 02, 2006

In your dreams

My Cymbalta has done wonders, but I've had one side effect that will continue. It really increases brain activity, and that has affected the way I dream. My early morning cycle always includes a really vivid, extremely realistic dream. Granted, the dreams are hokey, or scary, and never make absolute sense. However, they are so amazingly REAL!

I have had these dreams every single day for several months. Thankfully, the scary ones have been few and far between. Yet, I spend a few minutes each morning getting a grip on my real world (did that really happen?). Last week, I dreamed that a friend from high school killed her two sisters (she actually only has one sister). All of them still wore their hair just like they did in 1988. Friends from high school were all there. One of the guys was hitting on me (sometimes my husband exists in these things and other times I just cut him right out of my life).

A few weeks back I had a crazy vivid dream about a new minivan that had just come out. You could convert the whole back part into a camper tent thingy. It was SOOOOOO amazing. No joke - a few days later I started to tell my husband about them - how we should consider getting one. As the words were coming out I realized that I had dreamed it! It was SO REAL!! Well, at least as far as I know there are still no minivan/camper convertible vehicles on the road. Maybe I should patent the idea.

Last night I had a friend married to her best friend's husband ... and she was nine months pregnant ... and they were living in our house ... sleeping on a mattress on the floor. So weird.

I go to bed every night with anticipation. It's as if Blockbuster sends me a pot luck video to watch! Since this started, I have remembered every single dream, every single day. For grins, one night I might watch Dumb and Dumber while chowing on Taco Bell until I have heartburn, then doze off into dream land. I'll let you know how it turns out.


chelle said...

hehe I look forward to reading about THAT Dream!!

Becky said...

I already have dreams like that in my normal state. Makes me wonder what medication might do for me. LOL