Friday, June 16, 2006

It's raining big pieces of tree

We've lost one tree. Put it to rest (and cremated the stump). The other tree seems to have given up hope. It just can't live without the first. It is dying, as well, no matter how we try to encourage.

We're also in a drought. The city increased our water restrictions, so I can only water on Tuesdays (before 10am; after 6pm). I forgot this past Tuesday. My yard hates me.

So, today it seemed that there was finally a storm a'brewin!! The wind was whipping and then CRACKLE-CRASH-BOOM! We lost another really big section of our tree. It landed on the roof and slid off onto the grass. I ran into the front yard and stared at it. Am I thinking about possible roof damage? Am I concerned about what it might have done to the gutters as it slowly grinded to the ground?

Heck no! I started pulling it onto the sidewalk, then all I can think is, "Dang! That thing is too big. It's covering grass! Free water is about to fall from the sky and this big, stupid chunk of tree is covering up some of my grass!!!"

I start breaking off limbs and tossing them. I finally get to meet the neighbor down the street as she sees me from her mailbox and asks me if I need help. I tell her my crazy thinking (and she completely understands - she has a corner lot and can only water on Fridays). Then, the sweet little man across the street comes running over (he can't really run because he's very feeble). He has his hacksaw in hand. I tried to tell him it wasn't an emergency, and I was just being a little insane about clearing my yard so every inch will get rain. He didn't bat an eye - just started sawing. He can only water on Thursdays. He gets it.

So, we barely speak while he cuts a limb and I carry it to the edge of the street where it will await the big city truck. The rain starts to come just as we finish. We laugh and then run to our homes. His cute little wife was standing on the porch, watching us in her floral housecoat.

It rained all of two minutes.


chelle said...

It is so cool that you all came together. Now that is a community!

Stacey said...

We're under a pretty tough restriction too, unfortunately. Our hydrangeas are looking very, very sad.

CeCe said...

That was an awesome post. I thought our restrictions were bad.. but I guess I was wrong. We're only allowed to water on even numbered days, 'cause our house number is even, and only in the morning and evening. But it's been raining lots here lately, and our grass (mostly weeds) is growing too tall.

Amy T. S. said...

Sweet. I can picture your sweet old neighbor.

Today we visited a church and there was a man, in his 70s at the very least, a few rows ahead of us. The music was really rockin', and he was dancing side to side with his wife. It was so cute!

3 minutes of rain is better than nothing?

Christine Brannan said...

Oh my gosh.. I am cracking up!!!

If it were here... it would rain across the street at the mans house instead! HA!

Jenn said...

You have such great neighbors!!!