Friday, August 25, 2006

I thought I didn't like cats

I am allergic to felines. Before allergy shots, if I were in a room where any cat had been in the last century, my eyes would start to swell shut ... along with my lungs. It was really attractive. So, I've never been too big on cats. Just seeing one made my heart start to pound. I'm crazy, I know, but I just don't enjoy my face blowing up and wondering if I'll be able to suck in my next breath.

I gave up on allergy shots after just two years, but they have had a long lasting effect. If I take a Claritin I can be with animals. I can actually sleep in the home of someone who has a cat. I may have to take a few hits off my inhaler, but I can function.

Due to said improvement in my histamine goobledy-goop, my children and I have become official "cat socializers" for Dog & Kitty City. It's a no-kill shelter that houses about 250 little balls of purring joy. Most of them are allowed to roam free through much of the facility. So, when you first walk through the door, you are greeted by dozens of adoring whiskers, desperately seeking some lovin'.

Through all of this, and finding myself surrounded by their affection several times in the past week, I have made a startling discovery. It's difficult to admit after 34 years, but there's just no denying it anymore.

I actually love cats.


Amy T. S. said...

yay! me, too. i am using no caps today. a tribute to my mental state, perhaps? yes, i'm totally mental.

cats are good, highly misunderstood animals. I am glad you've come around!

joyce said...

don't you just love the itty bitty fur on their noses?

Anonymous said...

Awwww, welcome to the club! (big cat people here)

Leann said...

Sweet! I love cats, too...