Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is she my three o'clock nostril?

Got my nose pierced today. I've wanted to do it for a really long time, but finally had some free time ... and had also finished my hours of research to find the BEST tattoo and piercing spot in Dallas (which is Obscurities, by the way). And, yes, my piercer really did walk out and ask, "Is she my three o'clock nostril?"

My oldest daughter went with me. We had such a great time! She was flipping through the tattoo selections while we waited. She thought I was totally nuts (it took her years to work up the nerve to get her ears pierced). However, I needed someone to hold my hand, and she's the perfect pick. Also, meeting such a wide array of people gave her a great "never judge a book by its cover" life lesson. Can't beat it.

Her TS started to act up as the guy was about to put the "needle catching tube" up my nose. I told him that she has Tourette's, so not to freak out if she had to do some twitching or flailing. He then started talking about two different friends he has had with TS. That put her at ease, and helped to pass a few minutes before he said, "Okay, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly." Which also means, "Clinch your butt real tight cause I'm about to jab a needle through your nose then twist in a piece of jewelry after that."

All in all ... not so bad. I have a high pain tolerance.

It's pretty. It's tiny. Most people will probably think I have glitter stuck to my face until they realize I actually had it done. I like it.

It's very, very me.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. It looks fun, in a glittery way.
My sisters all live in Dallas !, Now I can add one more :-).
I think it would be a hoot to hang out with you in the big city. You know where all the tattoo places & churches are!
My daughter wanted a nose ring, after begging for days and days she finally says, "mom...what could I do to make you change your mind, is there anything??!!"
I said, "well, yes, sweetie...there is one thing. You could run out and buy me some crack-cocaine. I could snort it real fast and then I would let you get a nose ring. Heck, I'd even get one with you!"
she hasn't asked since.
Maybe I'll change my mind now...

Mary Beth said...

That is very becoming. You are one cool mama.

Unknown said...

You can just tell your daughter what I'll tell mine: "Sure, you can get your nose pierced ... when you're 34 ... just like me!"


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you got the piercing. like i told you, it looks very very very good on you. my mother somewhat freaked when she saw the picture, but i explained that we had discussed it. she still decided that i couldn't get one. great. just another thing to be envious of christine moers about. hey, i get to see you on sunday! since i'm not leaving yet! whoopee.

Anonymous said...

^^^ that was by vivien ^^^

Anonymous said...

You ROCK!! That looks awesome!!! You have the "look" for it! Seriously it looks like you have always had it! I love nose piercings, my husband not so much (on me, anyone else he does not care!)

Mommyof2texans said...

You are too crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Beautiful. Someday I'm going to work up the guts to get that done!

Vickie said...

You are crazy! But love it!

joyce said...

I had a big grin on when I read this post, as I think we may have been cloned.
a)the piercing
b)the daughter, the tattoe thing
c) the cat thing-- love, love, love them
d) always been attracted to the foster parenting idea, but married the right guy but the wrong guy. He couldn't do it.

Leann said...

To quote my almost 13 year old... "COOLDED!!!"