Saturday, September 16, 2006

People will say we're in love

Today is our anniversary. It marks eleven years of marriage between myself and my betrothed. Eleven years, three kids, five foster children, two apartments, three houses, three churches, post pardum depression, massive labido, sucky labido, emergency room visits, fights, embraces, hurts, selfishness, crying, laughing, scowling, selflessness, hand-holding, back rubs, pay increases, pay decreases, days that you desperately want to walk away, and the fact that you didn't.

We find ourselves today in a hotel room in northern Oklahoma ... waiting to meet a church that, by all indications, seems to the be place we will call home very soon.

However, don't fear. We'll be celebrating the marriage part next weekend. Right now the three kids and two double beds are really screwing that part up (absolutely no pun intended!).

Happy Anniversary to my Miguel.


Stacey said...

Congratulations! Here's to 111 more years!

Joyce said...

that gives me hope...

Gayle said...

Happy Anniversary! Praying for you this weekend!

Amy T. S. said...

Don't smile and gaze at me!
Give me my coat and my gloves.
Sweetheart, they're suspecting things!
People WILL say we're in luuuuuuuuuv!!

chelle said...

Happy Anniversary!