Sunday, September 17, 2006

We know we belong to this land, and the land we belong to is grand!

The polls are closed and the votes are in:

It was a landslide victory for Michael Moers - 88 to 1! Granted, I normally don't vote against my husband, but you've gotta' mix it up a little bit, ya' know!? ha!

So, my husband is the new pastor of First Baptist Church in Blackwell, OKLAHOMA (not Texas, as I stupidly said this morning! THAT sure went over well. DER!). I thought the Moon Pies were good ... geeeesh, you should have been a part of the actual people! I've never met a sweeter church. They fell in love with us just the way we are. They also talked openly about their own warts so that we could fall for them as well.

We are very excited. The kids can't wait. In fact, after all of our concern for how they would handle the weekend and the whole thought of moving ... they were all extremely sad to leave and head back home today! WOW! The truth is, we all were. I've never felt so at home in a completely strange place.

This whole process has been like breathing. We sailed right through. We've got a LOT of hard work ahead for us, but that's why we're here.


Gayle said...

I'm so excited for you! And so proud too! Congrats! Pastor Michael! I know you must be filled with incredible peace for you, Michael and the kids to be were the Lord wants you to be! God is preparing you for something wonderful in Blackwell, OK. Though it may have it's moments of testing & trials(you've had practice with that)God will get you through it all and you will see the mighty work He has done! In Blackwell! Let's get together before you move!

Beth said...

Here's hoping that the way is paved with a constant awareness of His presence. Congratulations!

Amie said...

Hey, I've got family in Blackwell OK, not that you know me, or that I know them very well. Anyway, blessing to you on this new journey in your life.


Mary Beth said...

How wonderful for you! How exciting! How scary! How right in the middle of where God is calling you to be! I'm so thrilled for all of you!

Mary Beth said...

And just as an afterthought...did anyone mention your nosering?

Unknown said...

Well, as a matter of fact, one of the high school students looked at me at lunch and said, "A pastor's wife with a nose ring. That's too cool."

Then later, one sweet gentleman was leaving. We had not yet spoken because he is not able to be up on his feet too much. He was thanking us for coming and letting me know how much he appreciated all we had to say. Then he stopped short, leaned in really close and said, "Now, what is that on your nose there?" ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! How exciting for you guys!!!

Amy T. S. said...

No comment.


Of course I'm thrilled for you! I will just miss you so much. You know, that one time we met in person was so important to our relationship.

Go to:

You'll like this girl - she's a trip. She's my friend.

Kat Curlee said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Congrats to the 11 year milestone in marriage and congratulations to the new embarking in life in a new country!! LOL!! We'll sure miss you here and we will pray that the move is smooth and without event!!

Take care sweetie! We'll keep reading the blog!

Becky said...

Great! Will they provide a house for you or are you on your own with that?