Friday, October 20, 2006

We have landed in Okamola!

(FYI: our youngest cannot pronounce "Oklahoma" correctly - it is now officially "Okamola")

Everyone is waiting with bated breath. Where is she? Are they there yet? Did she get to visit the car accident guy? Does she miss us (Dallas friends)? Does she like us (new Okamola friends)?

Well, after multiple phone calls and finally an entirely new modem later ... I'm back, baby! I've learned that I can live without a lot of things, but my friends cannot live without me living without the internet. :) Hold on tight and I'll give you the Christine version of the last two weeks.

Painting, painting, no sleep and lots of painting ... throw in some new vinyl floors and 4,000 trips to Lowes and you'll have one little three bedroom in Mesquite that is finally for sale. If you've ever been to our house before, you'll enjoy the time it takes to do a little clicky-loo and see all the work we did ... ya' know, to get the walls and carpets back to their original color! Oh, and the new light in the dining room? Yup. I did that. I can do basic electrical now. I'm the woman.

I wasn't able to visit accident guy. The last night we could make it over, he was out visiting people (good for him). I did get to spend a lot of time visiting with his neighbor and his girlfriend (with whom he has two sweet children). He definitely has some memory and behavioral issues due to the accident (flying out of your car and landing on the interstate can do that sort of thing). I was able to help his girlfriend understand that what she is seeing and experiencing from him is due to brain swelling. I also encouraged her to get him to a doctor at Parkland. FYI (and insert bleeding-heart-liberal-Christine here), if you go to Methodist hospital in Dallas without insurance, after dyeing once on the interstate, once in the ambulance ... and staying dead for a good twenty minutes the following day in ICU ... well, be prepared to be released and sent home three days after said accident without counseling on severe head trauma or so much as a prescription for pain medication!

Keep this man in your thoughts. The damage to his brain is causing him to forget what he knows and believes ... about his family ... about his life. He's a good man. A wonderful man. But he's injured.

All of our stuff arrived in Okamola the day before we did. When you factor in my husband's packing craze until 5:00 am the night before (or morning of) the movers' arrival, you'll understand why not everything got labeled. So, we have had a week of "find the shampoo" and "seriously, has anyone seen my brown belt?" along with a little "I can't update MySpace until I find the charger for the camera!!!!"

We had to say good-bye to friends. I didn't get too weepy when I was with people, but would crumble in the car/bathroom after leaving them. The worst? Watching two of our best friends pull away from our Mesquite home for the last time, with their sweet son in the back ... our first foster baby ... thinking of all we've been through in the less-than-two-years we've known them ... not the least of which was handing them their first child and praying with them over their second as they prepared to close his casket. I think we all felt ripped away from each other. We're connected with some serious velcro.

We love our new house. Love it. Did I mention that we love it? It's just perfect. Everything we could possibly need ... ya' know, bathrooms and places for your beds and a fridge and stuff. We're still saving for a dining room table, so I sit in the floor of my dining room in the morning to look out my back windows and watch the birds. I have a new coffee mug that I bought at World Market. It's approximately the size of my head. Life is good.

I already have about thirty thank-you notes I need to write. "Has anyone unpacked the thank-you notes yet?"

Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma. Blackwell, Oklahoma.

I keep saying, "Blackwell, Texas." That doesn't fly too well around here.

Speaking of Blackwell, OKLAHOMA. It is such a great place. The people are great. They can be normal and human and gripe-y (because they are, after all ... people). But they're also really, really great. They like to get to know you. I can tell you personal details about my plumber and my cable guy. My cable guy, Ron, is a noodler. Ya' know ... the guys that crawl around and catch 50-lb catfish with their bare hands. He and his boys do it for fun. I know a noodler. I can check that off my list.

Have I grieved leaving the city? Nah. I grew up in a AA school ... old brick streets ... going out to eat meaning either Sonic or Dairy Queen.

I do miss Target. I guess that would be the one thing. The nearest one is in Kansas (which sounds crazy, I know ... but remember that we're just 15 miles from the state line). Let's see ... Target ... Blackwell .... Target ... Blackwell. Oh yeah ... I can live without Target.

It has been odd to walk around town and have everyone smiling at me and my kids as if they already know us. Then again, you can count the African Americans on two hands here. So, in a sense, they do already know us. We are terribly obvious. Saves me the time of explaining that we're new in town!

Okay. I've unloaded. I have DSL. I can breath again. My husband doesn't have to listen to me get out all of my words each day. YOU DO! :)

See you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear from you again and know you are okay! You have sure been through alot with the accident, the move and all you accomplished in such a short time. You rock! By the way, how large is Blackwell?

Anonymous said...

Dang... wish I had a reason to move back to Texas... your house is awesome.

Glad you are settled in!

Amy T. S. said...

Phew - you're there safe and sound. Carol asked me Wednesday if you had already moved and I wasn't sure. But then again, you know how confusing things can be at your first match meeting...

Beth said...

So glad you're back - I'm a newbie to your site and I've found myself checking back daily...

Happy Okamola landings! Enjoy after church lunch at DQ - it don't get no better than that!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. glad to see you guys are moved and settled in.. or as much as you can! I miss you mucho! :)


Mommyof2texans said...

Wish we would have got to see you before you moved. Glad to see you are enjoying the great state of Oklahoma!!!! Go Pokes!!!!
Keep in touch!!!

:-) Darolyn

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you, and now the accident guy. If you would like to email me personally, I can give you the name and email of a friend whose husband was in a similar, but more horriffic auto accidentover a year ago. They are both strong believers and have been through some rough times and know all about what happens to a person's head (literally)when something like this happens. Maybe they could be of some help/counsel to this couple.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safely!!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you got there! hey, i need you and michael's email addresses, so i can keep you guys up to date on my imb stuff!! miss you guys!!