Sunday, December 31, 2006

Is she yours??

This is me at breakfast - after all of us just woke up and drug ourselves downstairs for our cooked-to-order feast. OH! And did I mention it was just after an African American woman walked up, pointed to Presh and said, "Is she yours? Because I can help you with her hair if you live in the area." So, actually this is a picture of me smiling ... before my first cup of coffee ... refraining from saying all of the things I REALLY want to say ... as she kept saying, "... because our hair is very different ..." I did manage to get out - with this same artificial smile, and staring at her chemically processed straight-as-a-bone hair, "Actually, we use all-natural products on her hair. We avoid things with synthetic oils. While they make 'your' hair appear shiny, they just sit on top of the hair. Her hair absorbs all of the good things we put in it, so it may not look like everyone else ..." ... keep smiling ... her expression changes as I keep looking at her hair ... not her eyes. I was a little mean this time, but so was she. Very condescending. VERY. My husband was proud of me.

OH, and this is me in my new Victoria Secret pajamas, snuggled up in the hotel room last night with my favorite "novel" - AKA: Brainhell's archives (see my blog roll if you're interested). BH, I've been the person on your site meter that was logged on for hours on end. I even drug you into the bath with me (getting very dirty looks from my husband - not for having another man in the tub, but because he was freaking out at the thought that I might get water on the laptop). Okay, you were sitting on the pot while I was in the tub. I was safe! Happy New Year, Brainhell. You're my favorite new friend of 2006 - ya' skinny butt.


Mama Chaos said...

LOL I think that may be why I never get the much begged for laptop, I'd likely take it everywhere with me. Including the bath. LOL

I've got your movie sitting on my entertainment cabnit, every time I see it I think about needing to come over and bring it.

brainhell said...

I don't know about other brands. Depends just sprang t mind from advertizing and popular culture.

RusticateGirl said...

When I first discovered Brainhell's blog, I remember reading it continually for hours, too!

Patti said...

I will definitely check it out!

Opal said...

How presumptuous! She obviously "knew" you had no clue what to do with her hair. It was so obvious! You weren't "fixing it" since you were leaving it in its natural state. ;-)

Oh I love my laptop. I love it! In the evenings I'm usually on a two hour meter. My daughter senses I'm not upstairs so she will come and look for me since I purchased my MacBook Pro this past October I don't have to worry about that. I'm upstairs and she sleeps. I'm usualy up late doing school work.