Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry ..... Happy .... ugh

Santa came to our house tonight (hmmm ... technically, being 4:21 am, I guess that would be LAST night). He is kind enough to come early to our home when we're going to be out of town for Christmas Day. It's a very exciting time, but we got a big dose of parenting with this one.

Tourette's Girl took her medicine and was asleep at 9:00 pm (yea!). We are always most worried about her getting to sleep when she's excited. The other two konked out quickly, as well.

It all started around 3:30 am. A was up and noticed Santa had come. I'm not sure if he crawled into bed with us or went back to bed. By 4:00 am, he was back with us, complaining that he might throw up. He has said this more than once in the past few weeks - tends to cry wolf sometimes. So, I just told him to lay still - he was excited about presents - and I would rub his head. Michael was back asleep and snoring in 2.6 seconds (I wish I had that super power).

Well, sure enough, he ended up with the barfies. I got him all set up in our bed (bowl, towels, bathroom light on and Spiderman movie on the TV). I walk out to hunt down some crackers. The cat gets into the kitchen cabinet. Fifteen minutes of trying to fish her out. M walks out. She can't sleep and knows people are up (wondering if we're still putting out presents, she came out slowly - not to spoil anything - very sweet).

M and I are out here with the cat and the TV on. Michael's back with A, who just had some more blecgh! The three-year-old is the only one who is asleep!
It's 4:32 am. I'm headed to the couch to watch some Cartoon Network with Twitchy Girl.

Happy Holidays!


Mama Chaos said...

Oh no! I hope its just a passing bug that moves on quick.

Anonymous said...

At our house my son calls it having yuckies. Yuckies indeed!!

Patti said...

Cool blog! I came here via Beth (Look What Love Has Done). And my sister had the bug for Christmas, too. Yuck!