Monday, January 08, 2007

And so it is, just like you said it would be ...

I thought I had left some things behind in Texas. However, my migraines followed me. I had one that came by to play on Saturday. It was the sneaky kind. It showed up at the door, masquerading as small, non-issue type of ache. Then, once I invited it in and got comfortable, it moved quickly over to the traditional left side of my head and camped out until about 5:00 pm. So, I missed that valuable window of opportunity to "get ahead" of the pain before it got really bad. Ugh.

I have an aunt that took her own life when I was in grade school. She had debilitating migraines. I remember playing at her house when she would have one. We had to go outside. All of the lights would be down and it was a "whispering only" area once you walked through the door. Once the migraine cleared, she was so sweet, bright and kind. She was my favorite aunt. She decorated cakes, and always let me help. She "did hair," so I always got a really cute cut when we went to visit. She would let me play in her bedroom with her rollers and other beautician cool thingies. She had this really amazing retro phone in her bedroom. It was white.

One day, after taking a lot of time to write letters to her family and pick out the dress in which she would be buried (amongst a throbbing head, I'm sure), she sat down in her bedroom with the amazing retro phone and cool beautician thingies, put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. I never could understand. I was so mad at her. Even as a young adult, I was so mad.

However, even with the incomparable pain I suffer on random occasions, I can start to understand. I'm furious that she didn't get more help from doctors ... that no one could find an answer for her ... furious as I hear stories about how some doctors tried to convince her that it was probably "all in her head." Yet, the pain - the pain isn't even the same as regular pain. I can't imagine feeling last Saturday on a regular basis and for days at a time. It completely removes you from any ability to care to function. You just want it to go away .... go away ... go away, already! I was sprawled on the couch, trying to remind myself of that very thing.

... and it finally went away.

My aunt - not so lucky.


Shannon said...

Beautifully expressed Christine. I once had a boss who suffered migraines frequently and I used to buy her stuff like feverfew from the health food store because I just knew they had to be fixable. Now I get migraines myself fairly easily but recently started taking this awesome vitamin/mineral supplement called Vibe. It is like nothing I've tried and is supposed to even "fix" migraines(with a unique potassium delivery)I haven't had one in the two months I've been taking it so it's worth a try. It is like pure health! I know I sound like a salesman(I'm not) but I'm telling everyone about it lately because it's helped me with my diabetes and depression also :}Its a wee pricy but worth it!

Amy T. S. said...

I've had 2 mega-migraines in my life. It is the worst pain I can imagine. One Superbowl a player left and came back with a migraine to play. How is that possible? I couldn't even move a single muscle or blink an eye when I had mine.

I'm sorry that happened to your family. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I have had migraines since I was in 2nd grade... I usually have 1 "bad" one a month and 2 "mild" ones a month. I grew up with a father that kept a headache and a mother that never had them. My father was so wonderful to take care of me, darken the room, make sure everyone was quiet, etc... My mom just never understood. They're horrible. They can literally debilitate you life. I am so sorry you're experiencing this... I take Maxalt (I'm immune to Imitrex after so many years of it...) but I have heard that potassium can help them. I'm too scared to try it, but trust me... one day... when that bad one comes that won't go away on day 4... I'm all over trying anything!

louralann said...

I've had migraines for years and my sister never really understood. When I lived with her and came home with one she would just tell me to "go lie down then if you can't do anything". Finally about a year ago she had her first migraine...and while I would not wish migraines on her it's nice to now have her understanding.

I'm also one of those that meds do not work on me at all...I've tried so many different types as well as herbal remedies. The only thing I can do is sleep it off. And when I was having them daily...well at least I was getting lots of sleep.

I know that I'm posting on an old post of yours (I'm addicted and am back reading lol)....but here's hoping that you don't suffer from them too often.