Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dot your i and hand me a kleenex

Cymbalta Wean-Down Update: I'm on baggie #8 today out of ten baggies, which will officially put me down to zero beads. I think I did a lick-n-stick of six beads this morning.

However, the actual weaning process isn't that simple. I still suffer the withdrawal affects. They're much more mild than when I did it quickly. However, I still have some dizziness and nausea. There's never any way to predict it, so I either throw on my sea bands or pop an anti-nausea pill (as I had to do last night just to finally get to sleep). What takes the cake is the weepiness. I still have times when I just start to well up at the tiniest, most ridiculous things.

Last night, my husband beckons from the TV area, "They're going to show the Ohio State Band. Wanna' watch?" Seeing how we were both BIG band geeks, we absolutely love that sort of thing. I had actually never seen Ohio State march before. As they are starting the big formation, he gives me the lowdown on the Ohio Script and how big of a deal it is to dot the "i".

They script it. The selected senior sousaphone player runs out and dots it. He's waving his hat. I picture, for a moment, his parents in the stands. "Our baby is dotting the 'i'! OUR BABY IS DOTTING THE 'i'!!!" I start crying.

I cried over the 'i'.

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhh... Love it! I am seeing those proud parents too... :-)