Saturday, January 13, 2007

The ice storm cometh

We're all sleeted in. No church tomorrow. I learned long ago that comfort foods, while not always the healthiest choices, are the best options when five people are spending way too much time together under one roof.

So, tonight, I pulled out my copy of The White House Cookbook (published in 1928). We're using the recipe for "plain" cookies. Only the best for my crew. OH, and I'm using whole wheat flour and natural sugar. So, it could be worse.

The trick is, figuring out exactly what they mean by "Bake in a quick oven a light brown." I'm making my best baker's guess and keeping a close eye.

Now I must go. The Lords and Ladies are about ready to come down for our evening tea and crumpets. Do pardon us.

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Mama Chaos said...

Yum, if it wasn't so darn cold I'm com enjoy a cookie or two. :)

Oh, and mark March 4 on your calender. Its a Sunday so have nothing planned between morning and evening church.