Friday, February 02, 2007

You no make me so much crazy anymore

It happens. With each child, it slowly happens. The terrible two-ish time begins to dissolve ... even if it's just week's before their fourth birthday!

Over the last month our baby has really started to take those steps, one by one, out of the tantrum-filled, insanely selfish, send-the-parents-to-therapy phase. With every new stage comes its own set of difficulties, but I find myself labeling the chasm we're leaving as my least desirable of all thus far. When they're teenagers, I'll be whining and crying again. Right now, I'm going to enjoy the sabbatical ... and the new little gal that is emerging.


Summer said...

What:? You mean it ends? Seriously? I thought the insanity filled roller coaster was going to be the rest of my life.

Amie said...

I really love it when they move from the toddler to the preschool stage.......ability to communicate makes all the difference.