Thursday, March 29, 2007

and then there were three ...

Oh, Tourette Syndrome ... how you wax and wane and remain consistently unpredictable.

Our oldest daughter is now educating at home again.

She saw public school as a mountain to climb. She was determined to conquer it. She did.

However, it was just three weeks ago, as she was clipping out her name in the newspaper for making the Principal's Honor Roll, that she was in the middle of battling a streak of constant headaches. Every few days she was calling us to come home because she wasn't getting any work done. Even with pain meds, she was hurting.

She stopped sleeping again.

She continued to suppress as much as she could during school, so our evenings were ... ugh.

She was obsessing over everything. Didn't matter if it was important or even relevant to her.

So, you hit that impasse, and wonder when to intervene. Do you let it get worse before you decide? Will it get better?

In a bad - but good - way, she made the decision for us. After a wonderful, relaxing Spring Break, she hadn't been back at school for three hours before heading to the office again to call home. She was itching all over. As we sat in the drive-through of Taco Mayo, discussing the past month, she cried - saying she needed to finish the year at home, but horribly sad that she was taking away her teacher's best student (how cute is that?).

By the time we were home, she was no longer crying, remembering that her friends all live within five minutes of us and her teacher's husband is her new softball coach. Once the sadness subsided, she smiled. She relaxed. She started to function more normally again.

We still took an extra day to talk some more and learn together and remind her of the perks (and responsibilities) of being at home all day ... and there was no question - she was officially going to homeschool again.

At first I found myself feeling terrible. Guilty. Uncomfortable. I'm thrilled to have her back home, but I know how much she has thoroughly enjoyed public school this year. She has had to actually console me. Yesterday she talked openly for the first time about some of her thoughts and anxieties ... much more detail than she has given me up until then. It all started to make sense. The OCD had gone into overdrive again, and she is a pro and keeping it internal.

Right now she is lying sideways at the dining room table, feet flying through the air, humming - constantly humming/singing/grunting/making noises - working on grammar. She's getting out all of her tics and "stuff" as she needs to in just the way she wants to. She can pace herself again.

So, I have all three kids home again. It's heaven. It's hard. Ya' know - parenting.


Mary Beth said...

But, girl, you need to know that you're good at it.

Vicki said...

Yeah, parenting is hard, much harder than I ever imagined, I seem to have it easy compared to you...

My prayers are with you!!


Mama26blessings said...

I am soooooo blessed to have found you!!! My oldest (10 year old boy) has Tourettes, and we are just embarking on the road ahead. we were told it will get worse before it gets better. We homeschool, so he hum and grunt and shake his way through his day too!!
God bless!!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading through. Yes, parenting IS hard work, but is so rewarding. Home schooling is even harder work. I know, I have 6! I have had mine in a variety of scenarios, but God always leads us back home. He will bless you!

Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Parenting a "special" child is really hard work. Be glad she's home with you where she can get exactly what she needs though. You'll be fine!

Leann said...

Ahhhh... parenting.... (((HUG)))

beth said...

You are a GOOD mom. Good for you and for that sweet girl.

God bless you - bunches.