Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another reason homeschooling rocks

Yesterday was a homeschool field trip to a bowling alley. I know that the parents got just as much out of this one as the kids. It was really cool to learn about and see the "guts" of the alley.
My dad used to work in a bowling alley. I remember how much he enjoyed it. People who love to bowl really treat these machines like their babies. They nurture them for the love of the game.
What I found even more fascinating is how these really rough-looking, unattractive piles of metal cost $17,000 a pop to install. Really makes you stop complaining when your bowling alley raises their prices!
Anywho - very cool trip. We had a great time.

Now, on to the whole point of this post. While A has started to also suffer some obvious signs of Tourette's (darn genetics!), he is still learning so much. All of the tics have thrown a kink into his ability to concentrate and work, but I'm helping him learn to push through it when he can.
On the left you'll see his "Second Grade Mountain." THIS is one of the many things I love about homeschooling. We don't always have something visual like this, so I had to share.
Each little "hiker" is a core subject that he is studying this year. As he completes a unit, that particular hiker moves up to the next level. They have been criss crossing each other all year long. When he's in the middle of a science experiment that lasts awhile, the ole science guy lags behind. Math tends to always drag a bit for him. Language Arts has been a long-time leader until recently (when we entered the environmentalism phase in geography - which is like a second language to him and he flew through it!).
In homeschooling, you can allow your child to spend more time on areas where they struggle (or have a vast interest), and you can move quickly through things with which they are already familiar.
Among the gazillion homeschoolers we know, there are those who use strict curriculum guides, unschoolers who let their children lead out in their interests, some who educate according to the local school calendar and/or scope and sequence, some who school year round and take every Friday off ... geez, the list could go on for days.
It's just so individualized to the child ... the family ... the environment. It's spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, I recognized the machine in the picture before I even started to read the post and was wondering where you got a picture of a pin setting machine! Awesome! It can get a "bit" noisy when all of the machines are in high gear. I did love working on those machines!