Friday, March 23, 2007

Little Cabin In The Woods

I’m laying around in a cabin this morning, looking out the window at the Illinois River. In a few hours it’ll be time for us to float. Can’t wait! I love being on the water. Not always IN the water – but ON the water is always fab.

I’ve been in the bed with my oldest daughter, just hanging out for about the last half hour. We’re in Tahlequah, and our room is filled with Native American art and items. We’ve been talking about Indians, and their history in America. She’s my fellow bleeding heart, so we had a lot of discussion on the treatment of people that are different from those who came on the Mayflower. Even she gets it.

It eventually led into, “Why do some people say they would never marry a black person?”

“Who said that?”

“Some boys at church. I told them that they were saying that about Presh. They said, ‘No.’ They like her, but they just wouldn’t MARRY a black person.”

You can’t manufacture moments like this. We had a very long discussion on the bigotries we’ve been discussing throughout her lifetime. It’s a continuous subject of conversation with us.

We then talked about how Moses married a woman of color – his friends mocked him for marrying outside his culture, but God defended their relationship … how, unfortunately, many Christians have used the “do not be unequally yoked” verse to demonize biracial marriage.

She kept asking me over and over again, “What is that verse? Say it again? I want to be ready so if someone tells me that the Bible says you can’t marry a black person I can tell them that they aren’t reading it right, and they’re making up what it’s supposed to mean!”

My son, on the other hand, just popped in. He gave me a five minute synopsis on the intricacies of the dancing game on his Willy Wonka DVD.

Ahhhh … boys.

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Summer said...

I love that Evan doesn't notice these things yet. To him Presh is just that girl he's madly in love with. LOL