Friday, March 02, 2007

No comments from the cheap seats, please

Yes, I got my new computer.

Yes, I love it.

No, I haven't posted in forever so - YES! I'm a big loser!

I've had a sick kid - all week - what a butt whoopin'. The in-laws came to visit, which is a total blast because I do absolutely NOTHING when they visit (except keep a pot of coffee on 24/7 and sip it on the back porch with my mother-in-law). They're retired, and I like to pretend I am too, when I'm with them!

My husband received his laugh from my mother-in-law. It is so ... well, it always makes me think about that song "Mimi's House" on Amy Grant's very first album (live ... and she was a teenager, I think) that she wrote about her grandmother ... the line that I sing everytime I hear their laughter is, "She's got that infectious way of laughing right out loud. It takes away my pain and lights the dark."

And then ... I've been doing some writing to try make a little extra money. I'm putting back for what will hopefully be a two-day camping/float trip this spring on the Illinois River (supposed to be a great place to raft in the great state of Oklahoma). Ever since we went canoeing last summer, we can't wait to get back on the water. Although, this time we'll be doing a raft so we can all be together. When the kids are bigger, I'm picturing us eventually all having our own kayaks and racing (I say that, because I'm a kick-butt paddler ... and my husband - not so much).

Anywho, once I get done writing some articles, I'm not as inclined to get on here and post something. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, additional income trumps the rest of you.

So ... hmmmm ... what else has been going on? OH! Almost forgot the most interesting tid bit. My son has started to have vocal and motor tics. I've read that it's not totally unlikely that siblings can both have Tourettes or at least tic disorders. I'm not sure where his will land on the spectrum, but with his bronchial illness this week, the vocal tics have been constant. Poor guy. Granted, it drives me NUTS, but you have to just push through and love on them. I know it has to be more frustrating for him than it is for me.

Throw in that my daughter has had some bouts of the anger outbursts again lately with her Tourettes. Well, things have just been lovely (smell the sarcasm). She does everything she can to supress that part during school, so we get the brunt of it at home. Although, this week was the very first time she ever started to show it with a teacher -a substitute. Thankfully, the sub and everyone else at the school is very, very understanding and helpful with her.

We've had the sleepovers with friends, and the constant flow of neighborhood kids as they come to our house, and then flip-flop to their homes, etc.

GEEEEEEZ! How could I forget? We got a trampoline! We received a completely unexpected check back as a result of the sale of our home, so we bought the trampoline about three months sooner than we had planned! Anyway, my kids and our next door neighbor's girls go back and forth between trampolines ... back and forth between bedrooms ... the older two go ANYWHERE where the two three-year-olds are NOT! ha! It has been fun with the weather being not so frigid lately.


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Mama Chaos said...

Oh yes, his heart is all a flutter at the thought of Presh coming here for his party. He wants her to see all of his toys, and eat cake with him, and stay all day long. LOL