Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rainy Spring Break

Yesterday we were smack in the middle of a flood zone. It was literally raining buckets.

We did get to go bowling ... and to the doctor (whoo! hoo!), but that was the extent of venturing out.

So, today I allowed some tv and computer time after everyone was up. Then, we switched everything off and I sent them outside with cardboard and glue. Told them to make whatever they would like.

My son is building a house. His will be very realistic and structurally sound.

The youngest started out making an elephant with grass. However, she is now following around the other two and doing her best to undo all of their work.

My oldest just took me outside to explain her project. As I stared at the wagon full of rain water, and her one little plank of cardboard ("it's a bridge"), I was thinking she just copped out and didn't really care to participate. Then she started to explain ...

The bridge was at the edge of a city. There were plants in the water and ducks. Then she took a shovel full of mud and dumped it into the water. It was pollution. She sadly started to take out the plants, because they had died. When the plants died, the ducks died. She gave it a stir, and asked her brother and sister if they'd want to drink that water? What about go out and enjoy a day in a boat?

Nope. No takers.

I hate that sometimes I horribly underestimate my kids.


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Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

It sounds like she did a wonderful project. Just know that you're not the only 1 who'd have underestimated it. I hate that I do that with my own dd but I do :(