Thursday, April 19, 2007

Getting a lot done - nothing you can see

Okay, first, I had to show you my treat that I had just before seeing my allergist the other day. My husband staked out a Panera Bread for me as a surprise. He's the BEST! I miss so very few things about living in the city, but the food ... oh geez, I miss the food. So I gorged myself on a fat Greek salad, then washed it down with a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. Can you tell I was happpppyyyyyyyy?

I'm trying to figure out how I can get some Pei Wei delivered to me next week during my seven-hour rush allergy therapy.

And now on to today. It was one of those times that you get so much done before 4:00 in the afternoon. However, they're not the kind of things you can see. You don't walk in and think, "WOW! The house looks GREAT!" It was lots of learning, and LOTS of playing (which, we mothers know, EQUALS lots of learning). I finally screwed my brain on and put together a dry-erase book for Presh with some of her favorite preschool activity thingies.

I also made a giant batch of colored rice yesterday. The kids have already spent hours with it. I stole that idea from another homeschooling Mom (and said Haiku riot-starter discussed yesterday). It really is amazing how fun and interesting it can be! It may be a permanent island in our kitchen now.

So, things actually look a LOT messier than when things started. But - wow - we had a great day!


Gayle said...

So funny...that is how our day was.. Dad walked in and asked.."what did you do today?".. I said.. "well a lot.. but you can't see it now! ha!!! but we did have a good time.. going through old baby clothes, toys etc.. jumping on the trampoline, playing dress up and taking toys to a friend!.. glad I'm not alone!!!

Summer said...

*drools* Don't show off pictures of yummy veggie sandwiches unless your brought me one too. ;)