Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Frigid Easter

As I'm laying out clothes for Easter Sunday ... picking out my best pink wool skirt, mint green parka and lavender boots ... wait! Huh?

That's right. It's snowing. I'm sure it won't stick, but all of our beautiful flowers in bloom are about to get their patooties frozen off.

We may build a fire tonight for our Bible study class party!

I can hear my friend, Drea, in my head. If she were here at the window with me, she'd say, "What the HELL?"


Sharon said...

I share your disappointment!
3 days ago here is was 75. The last few days it's been in the 30's and SNOWING.
Darn OHIO!:(

But have a great Easter despite the cold!

Mama Chaos said...

You should have seen me, running around at 8 in the morning trying to cover my baby tomato plants with the leaves just sitting in my garage. Theres a reason they hadn't been composted yet.

TTRocks said...

It was in the 30s where we were and I still refused to wear pantyhose. Froze by butt off but I stood my ground dangit. I hate pantyhose.