Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I like my life

Yesterday the kids drug me outside to show me how they had cleaned up the back patio. "Look how clean it is! We could build a fire tonight!" Ah, a method to their madness (cleaning without being asked).

So, I called my betrothed and had him stop on the way home to purchase the cryptonite to all vegans and organic-lovers around the planet: hot dogs and marshmallows. The kids and I started to build a gorgeous fire in the fire pit. We chowed on all the disgusting ick that makes up a weiner (we get turkey dogs so I'm not ridiculously disgusted). We chowed some more on torched marshmallows. We all SMELLED like torched marshmallows.

My youngest and I cuddled up later to the laptop, watching home birth videos on YouTube. One of my favorite pasttimes.

Then my favorite neighbor came over to collect her child and inform me that she just discovered she is fifth cousins with Barack Obama.

And what did you do yesterday?


Vicki said...

Okay, maybe I'm like completely stupid or something, but who is Barak Obama???

Christine said...

Barack Obama ... one of the leading Democratic possibilities for President ... and a total hottie, to boot!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Isn't Obama what you get when you cross Oklahoma and Alabama??

There's just something so wrong about that.