Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm sitting at the allergist's office, killing time as I get my 14 injections in about four hours (I'm now being observed for an extra two before I'm free).

Anywho, I've had lots of time to read. Lots and lots and lots of time to read.

Caught this question and response on Rosie's blog. Found it interesting. Love the response:

marylou writes:

Thank you for leaving the view. You are loud and obnoxious. Your gayness makes me want to puke. Ask Gods forgivness.

ro responds:

u go first

On the ten or so minutes it takes me to get from the interstate to my house, I got behind some sort of piece of farm equipment that was going 20 mph, I saw a dead armadillo with it's distorted little feet straight up in the air, and had the pleasure of watching two cows bumpin' uglies.

This is my town, and I just love it.

And when I'm home, I get an email from my friend, Amanda who will soon be living and working in the jungles of Peru. Anyway, here is a portion of it:

I thought about you the other day. I was driving down the street in town, and I look outside . . . and what do I see?? Yes, a woman, nursing her child on the back of a motorcycle taxi!! If I only had my camera. It would have made you milk picture of the week!!

I love you lots. Give the family my love.



Summer said...

LOL That's an awesome song! I even danced around the living room for a bit. :)

Oh, here's you a milkie pic to post.

Hillary said...

Ooooh! I love the song!! Very fun!

Anonymous said...

I herd that ROSIE got fired, wonder why that would be.

Unknown said...

I heard some people actually read the paper or watch the news. Wonder why that would be?

Anonymous said...

Why such the harsh comment back? I was just saying.