Sunday, April 29, 2007

No matter what, READ!

It's a homeschooler's secret weapon - reading!

When it's rainy, or someone's sick, or it's just a really, reallly bad Spring Fever sort of day ... or everyone is on everyone else's last nerve ... just read.

Everyone can find their own corner and their own book. Older kids can read to younger kids. You can read to your kids.

When a subject is dry and boring, find more about it and read.

When your kids are little, reading to them will help them learn to read.

When you read, you are increasing brain power and cognitive abilities ... even more so when you read aloud.

Everyone in my house either reads something or is read to every day. We love reading. We rarely plan or schedule it. It's just what we do.


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Alpha Dude said...

I agree.

I am currently reading "Irresistable Evangelism".
Great book. It's about serving others in God's Love. Period.