Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Nutty Neurologist

Today Twitchy Girl met with her new neurologist. He takes a very dry, yet comical approach (he could see her reluctance in talking with him). He won her over. I'm not sure he could actually hear her heart because of all the giggling! He is the first doctor that has ever interacted with her like that. At first, it really threw her for a loop, but then she just fell in love with him.

Some kids with Tourettes and OCD can find their greatest battle in their mind. My daughter can completely conquer a bad moment with her obsessions or tics just by finding a positive way to stop thinking about them! Yet the opposite is also true. So, imagine a two-hour drive, knowing she's going to see a doctor that specializes in Tourettes. The paperwork required us to talk about her tics. Every question by the staff brought up tics and thoughts. Poor kid. Just about everything we discussed, she started doing. She has been a noisy, twitchy mess all day. She's in a great mood, but we've had to really be patient.

And the four-year-old wonders what she has to do to get this Tourettes thing so she can act loud and crazy while everyone pays her no mind.

Yesterday she (my youngest) was watching "The Letter Factory" while I was working on her hair. They were talking about the letter Q, and these cartoon ducks were quacking non-stop. She said, "Mommy! The ducks have Tourettes!!"


Mama Chaos said...

LOL at Presh. thats the ticket, fake a neurological disorder then milk it for everything its got.

Amy T. S. said...

That's just precious! Get it? Get it? Huh? Huh? Precious??? hahaha

When I student taught elementary school the kindergarteners every year participate in a "wedding" where Q and U get married. They dress up in nice clothes and there is a ceremony for the two love letters.

Nothing to do with Tourette's, but a cute story all the same.