Thursday, April 12, 2007

She Bangs

I got my hair done last week and have bangs for the first time in like eight years, or something. Just thought I would tell you.

My kids all ran away from home today. My child with Tourettes has desires to "run away" from life in general on occasion. It has been something she is obsessing on lately. We give her the basement. She can run away to it whenever she wants, but can still climb the stairs for food, heat and clean clothes.

Today her brother and sister decided to participate. All morning while doing some bookwork, they discussed their plans. We grabbed some Sonic for lunch and then they went to packing. They all tied their stuff up in baby blankets, and tied that to big sticks (so they could throw it over their shoulder - ya' know - cause that's what you do when you run away). They said their good-byes. It was all very dramatic (while they tried not to giggle).

They decided to skip the basement. That wasn't REALLY running away. Instead, they ran away to the front walkway of the Lutheran Church (which is next door). I watched them out the window. They unpacked, played soccer, ate some snacks, snuck home for a band-aid when the youngest wiped out playing soccer ... they played together for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT!

They're home again, and have unpacked.

Now, we're watching "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel. We're learning how sanitary napkins are made.

I've already been asked, "Why is that diaper so small?" So, we get to have a menstruation refresher during the commercial break.

I guess you could say this is a typical day in my house?!?


Leann said...

I should NOT read your blog while drinking my afternoon iced tea!!!!!!!!!! ...just sayin' *gets up to go and get towel to clean off computer screen*

Mary Beth said...

1) Your blog is the best parenting instruction I've ever received. I'm glad you're several years ahead of me. Don't ever stop blogging.

2) Can I come live at your house?

beth said...

You are one rockin' home schoolin' mama...