Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bread - 0; Bagels - 1

I have redeemed myself. The men in my house suffer from severe bagel addiction. So, I've wanted to try my hand at them for years. After screwing up the bread, I figured I had nowhere to go but up.

Let me just say, I can make a bagel, baby.

Overhead in the hallway:

"Can you believe our Mom cleaned the kitchen table just to take a picture of a bagel for her blog?"


Summer said...

And what a gorgeous bagel it is!

Anonymous said...

I love bagels, and have wanted to try one for a while. Yours is very pretty. :) I've got sourdough bread down to a science. Did you know that you can order (for free) some of the original sourdough starter used on the Oregon Trail from the net? I did and it's pretty good. I got it at

Gayle said...

yum! but really was going through my mind was..."man, how in the world does she keep her house/table so clean".. then I read on...weew!!! I'm gald to know I'm not the only one to clear things away just to take a picture!
..we'll got go..2 yr old is eating dog food.. and she alreay ate lunch!!

Leann said...

I totally need to try my hand at bagels. I am such a chicken when it comes to such things - shocker, I know... but bagels have intimidated me far too long.