Friday, June 29, 2007

Mommy, is wine good for you or bad for you?

Thus began my birthday lunch at Chili's.

I personally LOVE moments like this. We talked about the benefits of red wine, and how anything beyond that then has negative effects on your body ... like enjoying a bit of ice cream or eating too much. There were breakdowns of wines, hard liquor and beer (we had a clear shot of the bar, which is what prompted the question). We discussed alcoholism and addictions in general. We talked about how my best chicken recipe is cooked in wine. There were questions about "being drunk" and beer bellies. At some point I was even discussing how some narcotics come from nature, how those natural things have been used medicinally since the beginning of time, how dangerous and addictive meth is, and moving into why I have to go to the pharmacist himself with the little Claritin D paper to buy that particular medicine.

And then the waiter brought out their pizza, mac and cheese and pasta ... and thus ended the discussion.

I love being a Mommy.


Summer said...

:) I'm glad it was a good birthday. I love how you actually *gasp* talk to your kids. Rather than the "Its bad, don't do it, ever." that some parents give. You're my hero.

cammie said...

I agree with Summer! I think you should be commended on how you have actual conversations with your children...about everything. How else will they learn?

Vicki G. said...

Great conversation with you children!!!

TTRocks said...


TTRocks said...

Please tell me that your 'best chicken recipe' is the recipe we discovered in college cuz if it is, its my fam's FAVORITE too.

Christine said...

Ya' know, Tiff, that very well could be. I couldn't remember where it started, but I've just adapted it over the years. It basically involves olive oil, garlic, some chicken broth and cooking wine. Cook the crap out of the chicken in a pan on the stovetop until it is finally browning on the outside. Slop any sauce left on the chicken and on the obligatory rice. :)

OH, and in response to your first comment: Bite my big, white butt!!! :)

TTRocks said...

Think my butt is probably bigger than yours from the look of all your pics.(you look beautiful!!) Its just 4 days older you big whiner.

My recipe is probably the same cooking wine, then butter and mushroom soup. Bake and pile on rice. Whee!!!

Love ya!!!