Thursday, June 07, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

I haven't talked about Mr. Tourettes and Mrs. OCD in awhile. Of course, we have had some issues, seeing how our daughter is homeschooling again ... and ended up pulling out of softball.

Sleep has always been an issue for her. She has a little dash of ADD thrown into the mix, and that can also greatly affect your slumber. Granted, there are many, many, many nights that she does just fine now. Yet, occasionally something quirky will happen. Like last night.

I walked in this morning at 7:15 am, hearing she and her brother playing and laughing in his room (where she had a "sleepover" last night). On the coffee table was a note that said:

To: Mommy zzzzzzz

Please do not disturb me Mommy (Oh Dearest)! I woke up at 2:00 and I am very sleepy. So I did all my school work and if I did something wrong just wake me up and I'll fix it!


Under it sat her little bridge workbook sheet for the day. She also did her thirty minutes of daily reading.

Some days the neurological stuff makes you want to pull out your hair. Other days - like today - you just have to giggle ... until about 7:00 pm tonight when she is cranky as heck and making life miserable for all of us. Hardy-har-har!


Christy said...

How is your son doing? Didn't you mention that he has developed Tourettes too? I think of you often because I have a special needs child that I giggle about most days, but I also want to yank my hair out over too. Ahh... parenthood!!

Christine said...

His is still very mild. Nothing to see a doctor over at this point. It waxes and wanes, too, but is not severe like his sister's.

Summer said...

Awww, poor girl!