Friday, June 15, 2007

You may not like your (blank) in the (blank)

I'm always reading, talking, listening and absorbing parenting tips. There is a book I've been thumbing through that gave me a clever idea for those times when your kids leave stuff laying around. I'm not a total crazy about most things (because I'm not a spotless person), yet when shoes or clothes get left laying on the floor, they inevitably disappear into a black hole - just about the time we're trying to get dressed to go somewhere.

So, here's the suggestion: pick up the items left in an inappropriate place, and put them away in an even MORE inappropriate place. For instance, toss that pair of jeans out in the tree in the front yard. Your response can be a simple, "Yes, I agree your jeans don't belong in the tree, but they also didn't belong in the floor of the hallway. If you put them away in your room, you won't find them in the tree again."

My favorite creative place, however, was the freezer. My four-year-old has really been bad about leaving her summer shoes laying around and not being able to find them. Next time I see them tossed in a random spot, I'm going to pop them in the freezer. I can't wait, "I'm sure it's not fun to wear shoes straight out of the freezer. If you put them away in your shoe box they will not go in the freezer again."


Gayle said...

Love it!!!!

Summer said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! Is it bad that i'm looking forward to the next time Evan leaves his shoes in the middle of the living room so I can stick them in the freezer? LOL

Sam said...

I'm going to try this on Hubby.