Monday, July 30, 2007

Home, Pile-O-Crap, Home

Ya' come home from a week of camp. The house is clean. Then, you unload the car (you don't put things away, mind you - you just dump everything in the floor!). THEN, you just sleep and function for two days. Finally, you look around and think, "Oh, holy hooch! This place is disgusting!"

It was a team effort. We didn't spend more then ten minutes in any particular room. Maybe tomorrow we'll hit the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms ... maybe.


Misty said...

I love your videos. What a fabulous idea to video your cleaning. I have to try that with my children.

Amanda said... Yikes, I need to do that. Loved the video!

beth said...

This was AWESOME!!!

a) glad to see that somebody else's house looks like mine does (the before part)
b) inspired to video the process, too.

You rock, girl.