Monday, July 30, 2007

Me worry?

"Worry Borrows. It’s a disease of the future. It borrows the unknown trouble of tomorrow The worrier loses the beautiful spirit of hope because worry paints such a gloomy, shocking, dreadful picture of the future.”
-Joyce Landford

For me, because I could hide my anxieties from everyone in my life, it took a very long time for me to finally understand and see my need for intervention. I thought that depression meant that you never get out of bed, ever, and are suicidal. I thought that anxiety disorders = panic attacks where you feel like you're dying. I had not had either of those extremes. I kept assuming that I was just a selfish and bad mom and wife. So, I hid my feelings and found ways to hide the times that I couldn't function at full capacity.

So, maybe you worry because you feel like you lack control. Maybe you just need to look yourself in the mirror and admit that you've made it all about you.

Maybe, though, you are like I was, and your feelings really do affect the way you react ... make decisions ... parent. Maybe you are also a professional at covering up so that you appear to be functioning appropriately. Maybe there are other issues physically and mentally that are directly related to depression or anxiety, and you simply don't have enough information to understand that ... you're not a bad person ... you're not lazy ... you don't want to be a complete bitch all the time (pardon my French) ... you just need some medical or psychological intervention.

What is it going to hurt to talk to your doctor about it? What will it hurt to find a therapist and talk through some things for a few weeks?

It won't hurt anything. In fact, it may help.

Do you have symptoms of depression?

Do you have symptoms of anxiety disorder?


Amanda said...

I love that you blogged about this! When I teach about depression to my Psych kids it opens up a whole new world to them because they, like most of us, thought it was the extremes also, but it so doesn't have to be! Thanks for sharing!

Alpha Dude said...

I worry a lot.
Way too much, I believe.
But I am not very good at hiding it.
I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, as it were.

When I'm bummed, it shows, no matter how hard I try to "look" happy.

Blessings to you.