Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What do you have in YOUR closet?

Last night was supposed to be a fun, family game night ... that was until my son comes running in, yelling something about a REALLY BIG spider in his room. I'm rolling my eyes, thinking that it's nothing (my kids just aren't big fans of spiders ... but really ... who is?).

So, I walk in and see it's big legs strolling across the floor. I flippantly say, "It's just a grandaddy lo-........" Hmmmm. That's no grandaddy long leg. That looks a little fierce.

And whadda ya' know? It was a brown recluse. We found another dead one farther back in the closet later.

Today I'll become acquainted with an exterminator in town.

And none of us have been able to shake the heebie jeebies (that is an official term, ya' know, for the "willies").


Julie said...

Oh, Ick! Must have been a big day for them yesterday as I had a run in as well. I got to my office and opened my purse to grab my office keys and a brown recluse the size of a 1/2 dollar scuttled over to the corner of my bag. I had a total freakout.

Hello, exterminator.

L. Elizabeth Powers said...

woah!!!! What are the chances of TWO of my blog friend finding and writing about Brown Recluse spiders on the same day
Did you guys plan this?
Maybe this is a sign there are a lot around this year and people should be on the watch.

Summer said...

*shivers* I hate, hate, hate fiddlebacks. My mom has big scars on her legs from stumbling across a small cluster of them.

Darwinsgirl said...

Yikes, I dont think I could sleep soundly after that finding...

Amanda said...

ohhhh myyyy thank you. I would have been crying too (smile)