Thursday, August 02, 2007

At least we know where we stand

We're all abuzz, getting ready for school to start. Our home starts "the new year" on Monday. I've discovered that, even though we educate in a rather fluid manner, we all enjoy the newness of a beginning point. So, Monday it is!

I'll post later about how we are planning our schooling this year. But first, a glimpse into the brain of our four-year-old ...

The two older kids make their own chart to watch their progress through each LifePac subject. Big shock: Andrew's is some sort of elevator from Star Wars, and we printed out all of the characters to represent each subject; Mackenzie's is a shopping mall, and she has a bunch of Bratz characters who will be shopping their way through fourth grade work.

I let Presh make one. It was just a bunch of scribbles and circles, like always. I even hung it up, thinking she felt like a full participant. Oh no. That wouldn't do! She had to have little people on her chart, as well! So, we sat side-by-side at the computer as she told me exactly what she wanted. And here, my friends, is the official 4-K chart:

Daddy (HAD to be this picture), Darth Vader, Polly, Jesus (had to be on the cross), and my giant floating head (another specific request).


Amy T. S. said...

SOOOOOO adorable! Christine, you make home schooling look amazing. Just making the chart has to be a learning experience, eh? Learning how to manage time, make goals etc. - all of the things you should learn in school but sometimes don't.

Go, Christine's Semi-crunchy School

Amanda said...

haha...that's so great!

and yeah, as I was "tagging" you, I was thinking...what other random thing will Christine have to say! :)

Summer said...

Oh my goodness I'm laughing so hard I've got tears!

cammie said...

I cannot wait to hear about how homeschool goes! I am getting quite anxious about starting our new venture :)