Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our Daily Schedule

This, of course, sees changes as the weeks pass and things come up. However, this is the BASIC daily approach that we have to our bookwork (I'm using the word "period" which is terribly school-ish, I know - but it represents time spent on the seven different areas where we have specific coursework):

7:30-ish Kids are all up and doing their morning stuff
8:00 am First Thirty-Minute Period
8:30 am Second Period
9:00 am Third Period
9:30 am Fourth Period
10:00 am Break and grab a snack
10:30 am Fifth Period
11:00 am Sixth Period
11:30 am Seventh Period
Noon Lunch!
After lunch - do chores.
After that, do an elective together (around 1:00 or 1:30 pm ... ish?) for about a half hour, depending on how much fun we're having.
Then run, frolic and play in only ways that kids can do ...

Remember, this is a flexible schedule. Sometimes my son wakes up early so he can be done early. Sometimes we're battling Tourettes, and my daughter is dragging. Sometimes someone is sick. Sometimes they've got to camp on the toilet (great time to get reading done!! LOL). Sometimes we go to the church to hang with the senior adults, and do our bookwork in the afternoon. Sometimes the interruption is big ... sometimes small.

They pick the order of subjects within the thirty-minute periods (Math, Language Arts, History & Geography, Science, Bible, Reading, Creative Writing). Another reminder: we spend a predetermined amount of TIME on each subject. There are no deadlines or assigned number of projects of pages each day. I know many families that do not take our approach.

Do a basic search for "homeschool schedule" to find all sorts of approaches (or lack thereof) that are used by other families all over the world!


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