Saturday, September 01, 2007

Road Trip 2007 - The Day Before

This post has been preempted

We leave tomorrow evening for our seven day trek. Even though I have people checking on the house, I don't really want the nation knowing that we're out of town for an entire week. So, I will write as we go, and then post when we return. So, you'll be reading posts from our trip a week late. Get over it.

I already said it. We leave tomorrow night. What happened earlier this afternoon? The van didn't start. Just didn't. We tried jumping it off. Nope. Brand new alternators were flashing before my eyes.

Thankfully, one of our favorite people on the planet came over and helped us determine that it was just a bad battery (fully charged - just a stinky, lousy, lemon). He helped Michael get it replaced. Okay, Michael rode with him, paid for the battery, and then WATCHED him replace it. I love good friends. Darren is my hero. I may have to kiss that sweet, hairy face the next time I see him.

It turns on and runs ... two very important elements of taking a week-long vacation.

So, I have our itinerary all lined out. I have our meals all planned out. I have our packing list almost all checked off. We head out in exactly 24 hours! WHOOO! HOOOOO!

I have all of the food packed. Yes, the snacks are in an old litter container. What do you care? You don't have to eat them!

I have all of the backpacks just about ready to go. Once everyone has finished primping in the morning, we can add the few missing toiletries, zip them up and then ...

SHOVE them on top of all the rest of the garb in the back of the van. The food and laptop bags will be the only thing we are carrying up front. You don't have to tell me, because I know ... I'm an AMAZING packer!!

And, uh-huh, that is our porta-pot right there. Our naked tushies will be sitting on it in the middle of the night when it's too cold to hike to the potties at our Montana campground. Aren't you glad you read my blog today??

Gotta' run. I have some serious braiding to do on Presh' hair. It has gotta' last a week!!


Cammie said...

Wow! That's an upscale porta-potty! When I was little and took road trips, my parents used a pickle bucket! Yup! They used to be restaurant managers and the pickles came in a giant white bucket with a lid...and those became our potties on the road! My siblings and I still have nightmares about giant hamburger dills biting us on the butt!

Have a great trip!

Jenna said...

Thanks for popping by my blog today. I love your profile. You sound so cool! I have a brother-in-law with Tourette's too, and enjoyed reading your daughter's blog a bit. Have a fun trip! I love road trips!

Sarah said...

You are hilarious!! So much fun to read your posts!!

Thanks for stopping by my space today! Like you, we've been planning a trip since MAY!! I've had the menu planned for several weeks... I have a folder named "September Vacation" which has all our campground reservation print-outs, Google directions, itinerary, dogs' rabies certificates, etc, etc, etc. We leave in a week for a trek through the Southwest U.S. in our motorhome. I'll have LOTS of updates when we get back.

Please stop by often!! Have a great trip!! Can't wait to read about it when you get back! Take lots of pictures!!


Amanda said...

I have never been to Montana, but I hear it is so beautiful! You are such an expert packer (smile)