Thursday, September 06, 2007

Road Trip 2007 - Day Five

This post has been preempted.

On the way to Limon, Colorado (our last night before that final stretch home) we took some time to soak up the Grand Tetons. I had read about this brand new visitor's center in Moose, so I wanted us to go. We kept driving and driving and driving. It looked like we were going to pass up the mountains altogether.

I was getting nervous. What if we stop, and this NEW center was a glorified outhouse?

Well, it was totally worth it. TONS of hands-on activities for the kids. A moving river video thingy on the floor (which we loved, but it also made me want a little Dramamine). And a floor to ceiling glass wall that overlooked all of the Tetons. Outside there were these silver lines built into the design, that pointed directly at each individual mountain (with a few interesting facts).

So, I was a hero. No one threw tomatoes.


daveberm said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I think next year we will have to rent an RV and do a road trip. Maybe we can still squeeze in a fall foliage road trip this year.

Noah's mom said...

Okay, Christine. Small, small, small world. I saw on your Myspace that you went to HPU. So, I called my brother and he knows you. Said you were his wife's suite-mate one year. Mark Buckner and Beth Ethridge. He said you were crazy funny and to tell you he and Beth said hi. :-)

Noah's Mom